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VSAT Equipment

This can encompass a broad spectrum of components. Typically the satellite VSAT equipment includes everything from the antenna to the satellite modem, basically everything needed in order to complete the connection. This would entail an antenna, up to 2.4m, BUC, LNB and satellite modem. The type of service selected with affect this as well. There are a number of manufacturers including iDirect, Comtech, Paradise, Prodelin, AVL, Norsat, NJR, Mitec and Agilis. The exact remote VSAT equipment will be determined by the satellite service provider. There are additional items that might be of interest including switches, wireless gear, VoIP devices and webcams.

With consider of the locations which require VSAT internet equipment, it is important to ensure there isn’t anything missing that would cause any delay in connectivity. Communication is difficult enough in most remote areas, without having issues with parts or pieces of your VSAT equipment not fitting together correctly. Without prior knowledge to VSAT equipment, determining compatibility would be difficult. How does everything connect? How is it powered? Does it need a gasket? These are all important questions when ordering satellite VSAT equipment, and even more importantly when it’s going to a remote location to be installed.

In addition to the required equipment there are additional considerations. Shipping freight such as satellite antennas requires special handling and attention. What about customs paperwork and export licenses? Do you have all the connectors and cables you need to connect your laptop to the modem? Do you have the firmware and/or options file needed? These are details you should feel comfortable with your VSAT and service provider ensuring are done and done correctly.

Who do you trust to provide your equipment VSAT?

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