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We are happy to see you visiting our web site. Please come in and feel at home. The process of choosing the right satellite internet service provider is similar to finding a lifelong partner – someone you can trust and rely on. This is why we treat our clients like family members and surround them with care and attention to their needs.
You know you need satellite internet. Now comes the hard part – who will you trust to provide you with a quality solution? With so many technologies and even more satellite service providers available today, it can be confusing to sort out differences and evenly compare options. You should do your research to make an informative decision. Know what you are buying and who are you buying it from. Find a company you trust because they’ve spent time understanding your solution, not one who pressures you into theirs.
The number of international satellite internet service providers in the marketplace today continues to increase. These can be resellers or agents of other companies as well, and it’s typically not disclosed. Don’t be afraid to ask, you have every right to know how many layers of support are between you and your end solution. Each layer can add delays that no one can afford when service is affected.
With the remote locations that require satellite service, just getting there can be a battle, something seemingly small, a missing screw or rusted connector, could mean avoidable unnecessary downtime. Where are you going to run for the piece you need, hardware store? Your VSAT provider should have thought of all the little things so you don’t need to know the engineering of the VSAT. We have developed our VSAT solution around this understanding and have accommodated for a range of potential issues. Let’s face it, no one is perfect, things get missed, we just offer a buffer to make sure that if it doesn’t delay your installation or cause downtime. This is a part of what has set us aside as a VSAT provider.
Buyer beware, not all VSAT service providers are equal. There are many manufacturers of satellite modem technology and even more satellite service providers. Each manages, or doesn’t manage, their networks to meet different standards and criteria. There are also differences in the abilities of the modems. All these details are important to discuss with your VSAT provider. With the required investment in the gear, no one wants to have to switch VSAT service providers once there is finally access to the internet because there are typically expenses involved in changing some part of the equipment, repointing your antenna or possibly new activation fees. We do our best to ensure this will never be the case. We take a hands-on approach to customer support at all levels; this is why we excel as a VSAT service provider. Understanding the project scope and unique needs has allowed us to meet and exceed expectations as a VSAT service provider for over a decade. We intend to keep this reputation.
In order to maintain, we continue to strive to be efficient and effective. This must be the case at all levels from a VSAT provider with all necessary components and connectors, from monitoring the freight to ensure no avoidable delays to a smooth service activation and personalized customer service and support through the entire life of the service.