Global Satellite Internet Solutions

Regardless of what satellite internet needs you have, or where in the world you are located, we can offer a customized solution to fit your unique network. Whether you require wireless internet service, satellite space segment or VSAT Equipment, we can provide you with everything from a single component to a complete solution, from vision to delivered services. Constellation Networks supports you at all levels, which we believe to be equally as important in delivering quality service and equipment.

Our broad range of satellite Internet options offer solutions for your daily operations, Business Continuation, Maritime connectivity, Distance Learning, Medical Outreach, GSM Cellular Backhaul, SCADA, or Disaster Recovery requirements. From shared satellite Internet service, dedicated Internet satellite, point to point or multipoint, MESH, private network, co-location, network management or HUB ownership, we,re here to help match the best solution with your business communication needs.

Networks often share common details such as location or equipment however each network itself is specific to that individual mix of users and the available programs and appliances. This means that wireless internet requirements can also change by the minute, which then requires a flexible platform since exact usage is impossible to estimate as it changes minute by minute with each user. With ease of scalability and the ability to view the actual usage, our solutions take the guesswork out of how to anticipate your typical usage patterns and repair potential congestion issues.