Satellite Internet in Afghanistan

Need satellite internet in Afghanistan? Constellation Networks can help!

With Afghanistan’s rugged terrain, developing a fiber network is very challenging. Adding to this is the dangerous state of the country and remote location of tribes. Satellite internet in Afghanistan is the only option for most.

There are several service types available for satellite internet in Afghanistan depending on the specific network needs. We offer iDirect technology with a range of CIR, committed information rate, options to ensure enough allocated bandwidth to support real time applications such as VoIP and video as well as retain throughput. We can also offer dedicated solutions for ISPs, large business, calling centers and GSM/Cellular backhaul.

We have several available satellites that cover Afghanistan in both c band as well as ku band. If you already have equipment with another service provider and/or service platform, we can determine what equipment might be compatible with our services in order to improve your existing service experience. If you simply need satellite internet in Afghanistan, we can help build a solution.

For US military troops deploying, this is the best time to prepare for your satellite internet connection so that the antenna and mount can be packed in a container and shipped cost effectively so it will be available when you need to set up the service. Afghanistan satellite internet is available potentially using components of previous systems.

For satellite internet in Afghanistan, just as with the rest of the world, the systems we provide have only one proprietary element, the satellite modem. The rest of the equipment is configured based on the satellite being used and the data rate and service type. This allows flexibility with reusing the system in other locations or at various data rates. It is possible to simply replace the satellite internet modem to provide the ability to change service providers if you find that you are unhappy with CNC. We pride ourselves on the lowest turnover rate in the industry. The relationship that is created establishes trust which is something that has to be earned. We pride ourselves on unsurpassed personalize customer service to ensure your services expectations are exceeded. The entire process of ordering the equipment to monitoring the delivery and all needed assistance with installing the components and activating the service and continued support is what makes the difference.

If you need internet in Afghanistan, contact us with your requirements so we can build a solution suitable for your communications needs.