internet_via_satellite_point_to_multipointBy definition simply means a high data rate internet connection. Broadband satellite internet is further defined as internet access with a minimum of 256 kbps data rate transfer. In a nutshell, not dial up. Anything less than a 256 kbps on a shared access platform would offer very limited connectivity and throughput. Given the investment of broadband satellite internet equipment, typically wouldn’t be a great return on investment for a single user.

There is a wide range of options that would be considered broadband satellite internet access, especially when referring to the maximum data rate as opposed to the minimum. Most shared services are allocated a burstable maximum data rate that provides access to the maximum expected data rate needed at anytime. A minimum level, CIR or committed information rate, needs to be allocated as well to ensure throughput, retain connectivity and to ensure the integrity of your real time applications. For a dedicated broadband satellite internet service, a speed of 256 kbps provides sufficient access for typical business operations.

Broadband satellite internet providers vary their available service options. Some of these options allow very little CIR which means at peak usage times across the network, very little access to the bandwidth will be available. Flexibility in accessing various data rates is imperative to a successful service because of the various needs of each satellite internet broadband user. We always recommend starting with the lowest level of service your applications will require until the actual usage of the network is realized. Once this can be analyzed based on the realized service, adjustments can quickly be made to optimize the satellite link. No matter where you location, satellite internet broadband is available. Ask us how!