Each country and each community has different communications requirements. It seems these needs continue to increase as our dependence on the internet surges. No one likes to be disconnected from the world…for long and usually unless we chose to be. From booking hotel reservations to finding a restaurant with great reviews, we depend on internet access to navigate through. We are dependant on technology. Depending on the existing infrastructure determines where and at what level satellite communication fits into this picture. For countries where there is vast fiber infrastructure there are usually multiple option, cable or DSL being the most common with WiMax or wifi infiltrating the more populated cities. For locations not covered by these options, satellite is necessary, especially in rural regions or where mobile platforms are required. Satellite internet in Europe continues to grow in demand.

Satellite internet in Europe has its place as well. In locations not reached by fiber, in order to have high speed internet, satellite is the only option. Luckily satellite technology has continued to improve in an effort to compete with fiber based technologies. Satellite can also offer scalable service so that anyone from a single household to an ISP has access to needed bandwidth exceptional quality.

As with any location, the need for mobile internet in Europe also exists. From military to media needs, satellite offers the flexibility, quality and stability make this a necessary technology. It allows any mix of applications from video to data to be seamlessly delivered. For maritime applications around Europe, satellite internet is the only option. This could be a freight fleet or single yacht, any vessel can be fitted with a satellite internet solution. If international access is desired we can build the solution to meet your specific needs.

If you thought quality satellite internet in Europe wasn’t an option, contact our sales team to see how we can help you meet your communication needs.