There are so many dynamics with international installations such as government permission and regulation, in addition to cost of international travel that we have found a wide range of professional installers that might be located right in your planned site’s backyard. Depending on the installation or maintenance requirements a person or installation team would be introduced to allow direct contact. We appreciate close communication to ensure the service and support are available when needed. We have found it best for the two parties involved to be directly in contact for due to communication issues as well as time zones and language differences.

We will always recommend a trained installer with proper tools to ensure the integrity of your site.. We highly recommend a site survey is performed prior to the installation of any antenna due to the many considerations such as look angle to the satellite and potential sources for interference.

We work with a wide range of installers available around the world with a range of capabilities depending on the equipment to be installed. We are happy to provide information on installers selected to meet your criteria based on your VSAT plan and location.

Most installers bring with them a diverse background in many elements related to satellite equipment installation and maintenance to include VoIP, WiFi and networking.


“Continental United States.” CONUS refers to the 48 contiguous states. So whether you are looking for maintenance assistance with an existing satellite communications system or need a full solution for a new installation, we have a wide range of available installation engineers to assist with your project.

Each installer typically has a range of locations and types of services they can provide. Ask us for an available installer for your required location and we will offer a hands on approach to assist you in moving through the planning and logistics.


Whether you’re looking for a full installation, retrofit or maintenance, we have a range of very qualified installers to assist with your project.
All engineers are experienced with a full range of necessary tools.


Let us know what you need and we can accomodate your requirement.