No matter where in the world you are, or you go or you’ve been, we can reach you via satellite. The world continues to become a little smaller with the increase of global communications. Whether for education, business or personal use, it’s hard to imagine a life without internet. We depend on communication in almost every aspect of our lives so we need to have international satellite internet available.

Each location in need to international satellite internet service will need to have a VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) designed for the lifecycle. Depending on the level of mobility and flexibility is desired will affect the ultimate system build. We can always work with existing equipment at some level. At times everything will be compatible, other times most will need replacement due to proprietary equipment and old technology. Luckily the movement seems to be toward equipment builds that allow for upgrading of the international internet satellite modem only.

Whether your satellite internet needs include a private network, your own hub or just a single site service, you need the right equipment and engineering to get it done. From concept to integration, CNC will work with you, track the progress and optimize service to ensure you entire experience is positive.

The number of international satellite internet service providers in the marketplace today continues to increase. These can be resellers or agents of other companies as well, it’s typically not disclosed. Don’t be afraid to ask, you have every right to know how many layers of support are between you and your solution. Each layer can add delays that no one can afford when service is affected. Find a company you trust because they’ve spent time understanding your solution, not one who pressures you into theirs. After all, not all international satellite internet providers are created equal. How can we help you communicate?


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