soldierProviding satellite internet in Iraq became something we could do to support not only the thousands of US troops that blanketed Iraq for years, but to the legitimate businesses, hospitals and schools throughout the country. What little infrastructure existed before the war, left nothing in its wake. This meant that not only did the troops need connectivity but so did the rest of the country.

Making use our Swedish teleport with its multitude of technology available offering both c and ku band satellite service, we were able to bring Iraq satellite internet. Not only offer it but offer it at competitive rates with superior service. We are able to offer both shared and dedicated options depending on the network requirements.

The existing widespread technology that existed in Iraq was old and clunky if it existed at all. Especially in comparison to the cutting edge iDirect technology which we happily replaced old systems with. The old saying, you get what you pay for, goes for satellite internet too, both equipment and service typically. Some systems are cheap and sound like a good deal. At least until you get them installed, activated and attempt to use services. We stand by the expectations of service that we set. We don’t oversubscribe the satellite internet in Iraq or anywhere. We provide access to graphing of actual usage and applications to help make any necessary adjustments if the service isn’t meeting the set expectations. Usually it is a small alternation in the data rates that fixes the issue.

Providing reliable, flexible, high speed satellite internet in Iraq built a reputation for CNC that we are proud of. This reputation followed our troops to Afghanistan as well. Do you have a VSAT in Iraq? Ask us how to use your existing equipment to upgrade your service experience.