Mobile satellite internet services have become a necessity more than a luxury. Maritime satellite internet has unique needs in the fact that the oceans cover such a vast expanse coupled with continuous movement. Whether downloading weather maps, online research, uploading data or accessing company email, it is difficult to imagine a world without available internet access. What applications do you need your internet service to allow you to do?

Maritime satellite internet service is available anywhere in the world for or any kind of vessel, cruise ships, yachts, cargo ships, sailboats. Services are most common in ku band due to space limitations where ku band can offer service using smaller antennas, ships can however opt for c band service. The best solution for your exact requirement is best determined by maritime satellite internet providers. Regardless of the type, the optimal satellite solution requires overlapping satellite footprints in order to provide seamless maritime satellite internet service. CNC’s iDirect enabled services provided ABS, Automatic Beam Switching to allow eliminate the need for an onboard engineer to manually repoint the antenna to an available satellite. This is done through GPS positioning and a smart modem able to determine the best satellite coverage as it senses the beam edge of the current satellite.

The available maritime internet satellite can operate any kind of traffic, including VoIP, HTTP. The service options are reliable to ensure connectivity regardless of the weather conditions or location. Maritime satellite internet is flexible to allow for various access depending on the specific requirements and changing requirements. It allows access to multiple satellites and multiple networks to ensure continued service no matter where in the world you are.

Whether you have a single ship or a fleet that need reliable, flexible satellite internet access, we can provide you with a customized solution. We look forward to discussing your requirements to fit you with the perfect solution!