pict--network-diagram-hybrid-satellite-and-common-carrier-network-diagram.png--diagram-flowchart-exampleSatellite is available anywhere. So why satellite? For locations lacking fiber internet options, or locations where only dial up internet is available, satellite is your only choice for broadband satellite internet solutions. For locations with existing infrastructure satellite is an obvious choice for redundant service to ensure you are never without access to the internet. With so many using internet based phone systems, this is especially detrimental and debilitating. A satellite connection can be prepared and on standby to activate when needed and for the length of time desired. It provides flexibility in both the data options as well as mobility in the case of a location change, locally or globally.

Satellite based internet solutions have limitless possibilities. With the continued advancement in technology and efficiency, this list continues to grow.

Communications Infrastructure
At the hands of what has become a mobile world, at the center is GSM cellular service. This currently accounts for approximately 80% of the worldwide cellular traffic over CDMA and TDMA. For locations that are outside the reach of fiber and microwave infrastructure, satellite backhaul for GSM cellular service can be the only choice.

Disaster Recovery and Emergency Management
In order to offer efficient solutions it requires minimal installation and global satellite internet solutions. iDirect offers an excellent solution for such circumstances with minimal power requirements and Constellation offers special pricing for disaster recovery and redundant solutions.

Distance Learning
Today the classroom has taken on virtual walls and instructors by bringing the outside world into the classroom. With so many locations in needs of access to education, satellite internet solutions offer the ideal connectivity. Education institutions that offer distance learning experience higher enrollment and more rounded students. The teaching platform can be delivered in either synchronous or asynchronous formats depending on the determined requirements. This offers an amazing level of flexibility to allow consideration of international timelines.

Oil and Gas
The need for mobile, flexible and dependable high speed satellite internet solutions started with oil and gas because of the rugged locations both on land and offshore for drilling. These VSATs (Very Small Aperture Terminals) now have to do so much more. They provide voice, video, web access, email and with personal use, make the time away from families and friends much more tolerable when it doesn’t feel so far away.

For this truly mobile application that has unique needs in the fact that the oceans cover such a vast expanse coupled with continuous movement. Whether downloading weather maps, online research, uploading data or accessing company email, we can offer a satellite internet solution to meet your needs.

Whether satellite internet solutions are needed for secured military communications or troops wish to have internet in their rooms, we can offer solutions to cover all requirements. CNC has held a GSA contract offering satellite internet service solutions to authorized government agencies since 2005 with a wide range of shared and dedicated options.

Satellite Internet Service Providers