SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier)


SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) in satellite refers to a dedicated single source. This is would be fully dedicated point to point SCPC satellite link. This offers guaranteed unrestricted bandwidth which is essential for applications with high bandwidth requirements such as voice, video or just high HTTP requirements. There is no sharing of SCPC bandwidth as with many of the platforms available now. This dedicated bandwidth provides endless opportunities for growth and development. The bandwidth can be paired with internet backhaul or directly to fiber. The data rates are adjustable in 32 kbps increments which offer the ability to incremental growth. We offer a redundant large Tier 1 internet backhaul directly from our Swedish teleport. Service is available in one direction, full duplex, asymetrical, point to point and point to multi-point depending on the application.

What is an SCPC VSAT?

As with each project planning we start with a plan and look at the life plan of the project. Based on these needs a VSAT for SCPC would be developed to accommodate the lifecycle. The most common dedicated solutions use Paradise Datacom and Comtech. Each SCPC modem can be designed with features to suit the applications and can add software upgrades to meet growth potential. iDirect SCPC (Single Channel Per Carrier) is also available as they now offer modems capable of point to point dedicated service as well as offers flexibility by enabling use on both the shared platform as well as dedicated access.

With technology continuing to change there are many more dedicated service options than ever before without having to chose a dedicated point to point SCPC solution. In order to determine the best service option a full understanding of the scope of the project is necessary. If we can help you with your SCPC solution, please contact a sales engineer for assistance.