Constellation Networks offers the highest quality, flexible, reliable two way satellite internet link, always on, high speed broadband service. We offer a range of service levels to meet various network requirements. Available platforms include both c band and ku band service depending on the location service is needed.

A two way satellite internet service is simply a satellite internet link with both a download and an upload. This can be full duplex or asymmetrical. Full duplex is the same data rate in both directions, typically used for video and voice applications. It can also be asymmetrical, different data rate in each direction, typically used for web based applications. Asymmetrical two way satellite broadband typically offers a larger downlink data rate than the uplink data rate. Mostly due to the nature of 2 way satellite internet which requires more bandwidth in order to download files, music, software updates, videos. The uplink provides the ability to make the requests for these downloads in addition to allowing upload of files and sending emails. A customized combination of these rates will optimize your 2 way satellite internet link for your specific network needs.

2 way satellite internet can be either on a dedicated link or through a shared platform. Shared services also allow a combination of burstable access as well a portion of dedicated bandwidth. Satellite service can also include a range of backhaul options depending on the type of access need. The most common backhaul option is IP. Voice transmissions or video can be required to use fiber backhaul. There are also applications that require satellite space only for direct communications between remote locations. Bidirectional satellite service is used for almost all applications when satellite based communication is required. This excludes receive only applications such as multicast receive and television signals. Contact us for a customized quote for your 2 way satellite internet link!